27 September 2018

About Us


Alaeddin CECELİ Workshop was established in 1954 and was reorganized in 1974 with CECELİ STEEL CO. has been trading and processing steel products for 40 years in Turkey and abroad.

We trade alloy and unalloyed hot rolled sheets, cold rolled sheets, DKP and galvanized sheets, HEA, HEB, IPE, NPI, NPU profiles, box sections, angles, round bars, square bars, sheet irons, industrial pipes, spirally welded steel pipes, reinforcing bars and welded wire fabrics.

In Ankara, we have sufficient stock area and factory for decoiling, CNC plasma cutting, bending/cutting, sanding and shop primer coating.

In Gebze, our sales office and storage was founded in 2012.

CECELİ STEEL CO. finds the fastest and cheapest solutions to our customers’ demands.



1954 - Alaeddin CECELİ Workshop (Konya Street / ANKARA)

1975 - Ceceli Nail, Wire and Steel Factories (Ergazi / ANKARA)

1990 - Emek Pipe Machine Co. (Sincan / ANKARA)

1995 - Private Ceceli Schools (Keçiören / ANKARA)

2007 - Beyaz Koza Special Education School (Gölbaşı / ANKARA)

2012 - Ceceli Steel Co. İstanbul Sales Office and Storage (Gebze / KOCAELİ)