Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

Thickness: 0,30 – 2,00 mm

Width : 1000 – 1500 mm

Grade : DC01 – DC03 – DC04 – DC05



Cold-rolled sheets (CR) are steel products widely used in the steel industry, providing excellent performance in various applications. These sheets are obtained by cooling hot-rolled steel sheets and then reshaping them at low temperatures through a special rolling process. The cold-rolling process enhances the surface quality of steel sheets, providing sharper edges and a more homogeneous thickness distribution.

Cold-rolled sheets are typically produced in various grades such as DC01, DC03, DC04. Due to being manufactured with high precision, they are commonly preferred in industries requiring fine tolerances. Additionally, cold-rolled sheets are used in various sectors, including automotive, appliances, electronic devices, construction materials, and packaging.

Cold-rolled sheets offer numerous advantages. Their ability to be easily shaped makes them suitable for the production of complex parts. They also exhibit excellent surface quality, providing an ideal base for painting, coating, or other surface treatments. Cold-rolled sheets possess mechanical properties such as high strength, low deformation, and good weldability.

The low carbon content, high purity, and homogeneity of cold-rolled sheets enhance not only excellent mechanical properties but also corrosion resistance. This contributes to the long lifespan and durability of cold-rolled sheets.

In conclusion, cold-rolled sheets stand out with features such as high precision, excellent surface quality, good formability, and a broad range of applications. These sheets are a reliable and versatile material used in industrial production, the automotive sector, electronic device manufacturing, construction materials, and various other fields.