UPN Channels

Grade : S235 – S275 – S355

Standard : EN 10279 – DIN 1026 – EN 10163 – EN 10163

H(Height) : 40 – 400 mm

W(Width) : 20 – 110 mm

T(Thickness) : 5 – 18 mm

UPN (U Profiles Normal) profiles are versatile and robust steel profiles widely used in various structural applications. They are known for their durability, high load-bearing capacity, and easy assembly. UPN profiles are a preferred option in construction, industrial, and mechanical engineering projects.

Manufactured by shaping hot-rolled high-quality steel plates, this process ensures that the profiles gain excellent durability and strength properties. UPN profiles are typically produced in accordance with EN 10025 and can be made from different steel grades such as S235JR, S275JR, S355JR. These profiles are often available in lengths up to 12 meters and come in various sizes and cross-sectional areas.

UPN profiles have a “U” shaped cross-section, with the web (profile body) located between the upper and lower flanges, carrying and distributing the loads. The profile number specifies the weight and size of the profiles. For example, UPN 80 profile has an approximate weight of 8 kg/m and a specific cross-sectional area. UPN profiles are commonly used as horizontal supporting elements and are suitable for various structural components such as columns, beams, frames, machine skeletons, and supporting elements.

One advantage of UPN profiles is their easy assembly and installation. Due to their adherence to standard sizes and tolerances, assembly and installation processes can be carried out quickly and efficiently. Additionally, UPN profiles can be compatible with various coating options, and painting or galvanization can be applied to enhance their resistance to corrosion.

UPN profiles find widespread use in the construction sector, industrial structures, mechanical engineering, and transportation, among other fields. The adaptability provided by various sizes and load-bearing capacities allows UPN profiles to meet different project requirements. Designed in accordance with structural calculations and engineering standards, UPN profiles provide reliability and durability.

In conclusion, UPN profiles are versatile and robust steel structural elements used in various applications. Their high load-bearing capacity, easy assembly feature, and various size options make UPN profiles an optimal solution in your structural projects.