Grade  S235JR – S275JR – S355JR

Standard: EN 10055 – EN 10163 – EN 10025 – ASTM A 36

Dimensions : 20 – 140 mm.

H (Height) : 20 – 140 mm

W (Width) : 20 – 140 mm

T (Thickness) : 3,0 – 15,0 mm

Steel T-beam, a commonly used steel profile in structural applications, provides excellent load-bearing capacity and structural strength. Recognized by its T-shaped cross-section, this profile is characterized by parallel upper and lower flanges connected by a web (profile body). Steel T-beams are available in various sizes and steel grades, typically produced in accordance with the EN 10025 standard.

Manufactured from high-quality steel, T-beams stand out with properties such as strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. They are often made from steel grades like S235JR, S275JR, S355JR, providing suitable strength properties for structural safety and performance.

The upper flange, lower flange, and web of the T-beam are designed to evenly distribute loads, providing optimum strength and durability. Steel T-beams are produced in different sizes to meet load-bearing capacity requirements. The profile number specifies the size and weight of the T-beam. For example, T150x150x7 has an approximate weight of 24.0 kg/m and a specific cross-sectional area.

Steel T-beams offer various advantages in structural projects due to their excellent load-bearing capacity and structural strength. They find wide applications in columns, beams, supporting elements, frames, and machine engineering projects. T-beams can easily be connected to other structural elements through welding or bolting.

One advantage of steel T-beams is their flexibility and compatibility. Being available in different sizes and thicknesses makes them a suitable option for meeting the requirements of various structural projects. Additionally, steel T-beams can be compatible with various coating options, and painting or galvanization can be applied to enhance corrosion resistance.

Steel T-beams are designed in accordance with structural calculations and engineering standards, ensuring reliability, durability, and structural efficiency. Widely used in the construction sector and industrial applications, steel T-beams allow for the construction of sturdy, reliable, and cost-effective structures.

In summary, steel T-beams are significant structural elements providing structural strength, load-bearing capacity, and flexibility. Their strength, durability, and versatility make them an ideal solution for structural projects.