Square / Rectangular Hollow Sections

Grade : S235- S275 – S355 

Grade: EN 10219-1 – TS EN 10219-2 – ASTM A-500

Dimensions : 10×15 – 600×400 mm

Length : 0,70 – 20 m

Thickness : 3 – 12 m

Steel hollow sections are robust, lightweight, and versatile steel structural elements widely used in various structural applications. Featuring a square or rectangular cross-section, these profiles combine numerous advantages, offering a broad range of applications across different industries.

Manufactured from high-quality steel plates through cold or hot rolling methods, steel hollow sections come in various thicknesses and dimensions, typically produced in accordance with the EN 10219 standard. Box profiles are often made from different steel grades, such as S235JR, S275JR, and S355JR, ensuring that they meet the strength and durability requirements.

One of the advantages of steel hollow sections is their high strength-to-weight ratio. Their square or rectangular cross-section provides optimum load-bearing capacity, ensuring reliability and durability in structural projects. Additionally, the low weight of steel box profiles facilitates easy transportation and assembly in construction projects.

Hollow sections find applications in various structural uses, including columns, beams, supporting elements, frames, and roofing systems in the construction sector. Moreover, they are commonly used in industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering, furniture manufacturing, and metal processing. Box profiles offer flexible design and usage options, as they can be cut, drilled, and shaped in various ways to meet the requirements of structural projects.

Protective coating options are available for steel hollow sections. Galvanization, painting, or epoxy coating methods help shield hollow sections against corrosion. This enhances the durability of structures and ensures long-lasting use.

In conclusion, steel hollow sections are vital structural elements providing strength, lightness, and versatility in various projects. Their high strength-to-weight ratio, ease of assembly, and a variety of size and thickness options make steel hollow sections a popular choice across industries. With flexible design choices and protective coating options, steel box profiles offer long-lasting and durable solutions.”