Ceceli Wire Industry Inc.

About Us

Ceceli Group was founded in 1954 by our founder Alaeddin CECELI, and it has been continuing its activities for over 70 years. With the participation of the third generation in the management processes, Ceceli Group looks confidently to the future, expanding its activities in the fields of trade, industry, and education.

Ceceli Wire Industry Inc. was founded in 1968 and as of Ceceli Group. As of 2023, it has relocated to its modern facility in the 2nd Industrial Zone of Ankara, where it has successfully expanded its production range and continues its activities with great success.


For over 55 years, Ceceli Wire Industry has been manufacturing traditional products such as nails and annealed binding wires. In addition to the production of these items, straightened wires ranging from 1.20 mm to 6.00 mm in diameter, are manufactured in both annealed or unannealed forms, with round and square cross-sections.

Straightened wires, cut between 500 mm and 6.000 mm in length, are preferred by diverse customers, ranging from precast concrete elements to shopping cart manufacturers.

Our products are manufactured from steel wire rods, tailored to meet the hardness and chemical composition requirements precisely as needed by our customers.

Our company, which holds a significant market share in the production of twisted square wires used in the manufacturing of steel grates, continues its investments in this product to meet the growing demand.

  • Twisted Square Wires
  • Wires in Coil

          – Annealed

          – Unannealed

  • Straightened Wires

          – Annealed

          – Unannealed

  • Nails
  • Annealed Binding Wire